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Exercises That Are Safe During Pregnancy | Biodermis.com

Some women wonder if it’s safe to exercise during pregnancy in a way that doesn’t harm the baby. While it’s true you won’t be able to exercise as vigorously as you did before getting pregnant, there is still plenty you can do to stay healthy and in shape. Engaging in mild exercise can confer many health benefits for the mother and baby. In addition to feeling good physically, exercising while pregnant can benefit a mother’s mood and mental health. Most pregnant women will be able to exercise, but if you are experiencing bleeding, dizziness, or chest pain, you may want to avoid physical exertion. In this article we will go over some exercises that are generally considered safe for pregnant women.    

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and pilates classes are usually a safe option for women who are pregnant. Make sure you tell your instructor you are pregnant so that he or she can modify or adjust poses that may be too difficult or unsafe. Make sure to avoid hot yoga or hot pilates because the heat levels in these rooms are not healthy for you and your baby.


Taking a walk is a low-impact form of exercise that doesn’t put too much physical exertion on the body. Take a walk around your neighborhood or find a nature trail to explore. Walking can be done every day as long as you are feeling up to it. If you find that your lower back or other parts of the body are getting too sore, then take a break and resume when you feel better.


Swimming is an activity that puts almost no weight on the joints and muscles because gravity works differently under water. Your growing belly will feel less weighty in the water and the physical motions will help keep your heart rate up just enough. If you are experiencing back pain during other types of exercises, swimming may give you the relief that you need to stay physically active.

Strength training

Lifting weights can help you build muscle and strengthen your bones. It’s not a good idea to lift heavy weights while pregnant, but it’s okay to lift light ones—do what’s comfortable to you but don’t overdo it. You can purchase three or five pound dumbbells at your local sporting goods store. As an alternative to weights, you can use elastic workout bands or chords. 

Stationary cycling

It may not be such a good idea to ride an actual bike while pregnant due to the risk of falling off and hurting your baby. However, you can use a stationary bike that you can find in most gyms. You may think about joining a cycling class or purchase your own stationary bike for use at home.  


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