Epifoam Biodermis


How is Epifoam's silicone backing beneficial?

Epifoam's unique silicone-gel surface provides a gentle adherent patient interface that helps avoid the problems associated with more aggressively adherent foam pads. See below for further information.  

Can patients order Epifoam?

Discuss with your doctor the benefits of Epifoam and if it's right for you. You or your doctor can order Epifoam without a prescription from Biodermis.

Is Epifoam sterilized?

Epifoam is provided non-sterile. Call for information on valid sterilization methods.

Is Epifoam reusable?

Up to 24 hours

Compression Foam

  • Pressure Balancing. Epifoam helps balance the use of a compression garment by spreading any pressure points out throughout the foam.
  • Friction Reduction. Premium skin-friendly silicone coating is both easy to apply and removes friction.
  • Liposuction Recovery. Epifoam is trusted by surgeons globally for clinically proven smooth & sleek liposuction outcomes.

Why Choose Epifoam?

  • Epifoam provides an unsurpassed pressure interface between the patient and compression garments. It mitigates the risks of excessive pressure while preventing bruising, swelling, and eliminating friction. This advanced technology promotes smooth and sculpted results.
  • Epifoam uses contour-sealing silicone and premium pressure-balancing foam technology synchronized to achieve a body sculpting seal; eliminating friction and sheer while diffusing potentially harsh pressure points for an even and symmetrical outcome. All with the comfort of being hugged by a buttery soft memory foam.

How to Use Epifoam

  • Typically applied post-surgically by a physician before patient discharge
  • Will need to be changed daily for a minimum of 3 days
  • Quantity required for full treatment depends on the recovery and how big the liposuction surgical site is. After the first three days, the change rate for pads may be reduced from daily to longer stretches depending level of product on wear and tear.
  • Typical abdomen liposuction recovery will require a minimum of 3 sheets per day for 3 days, for a total of 9 sheets.
  • Silicone-coated foam is strongly suggested minimally for days 2-3 for ease of self-application, to ease friction during daily movement, and to put the final smoothing touches on the work.