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Ensuring beautiful results for over 30 years

In 1989, Biodermis revolutionized the scar management industry by introducing silicone gel technology to dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. Since then we have maintained a constant focus on market leadership by introducing superior materials and technology through innovative products.

Biodermis provides the most comprehensive line of scar management systems available today.

Biodermis innovation timeline

1985 Silicone clinically proven effective in the healing of keloidal & hypertrophic scars
1986 Biodermis/McGhan Medical launches Epi-Derm silicone sheeting line
1989 Biodermis company formally established
1993 Biodermis launches Xeragel
1994 Biodermis launches multi-configurations for Epi-Derm
2000 Biodermis launches Epi-Derm TNT line
2004 Pfizer, assisted by Biodermis, launches Scar Solutions
2005 Biodermis launches patented Pro-Sil stick, including Pro-Sil SPF with sunscreen
2007 Biodermis launches Kids Pro-Sil
2010 Biodermis launches Epi-Derm CAMO
2014 Biodermis launches BIO-luminance silicone beauty line
2017 Biodermis launches Dermasof silicone pump
2019 Biodermis launches Dermasof Silk silicone pump

Represented in over 55 countries worldwide

International pharmaceutical chains and suppliers
Leading international hospitals & clinics

U.S. and international regulatory standards

Biodermis maintains outstanding Class 1 position with the FDA
Biodermis meets ISO Certification Requirements
Biodermis is FDA, ISO, GMP and CE certified

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