Retail or refer Biodermis products

There is a growing concern among the physicians we serve regarding patient compliance during the scar management phase of post-op recovery. Biodermis has defined two distinct programs to address the issue.

First, we offer retail pricing tiers for physicians who wish to resell our products to their patients. Secondly, for physicians who elect to refer their patients to Biodermis, we have developed a personalized, physician-branded referral program to ensure your patients receive post-op care that is truly an extension of your practice.

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Volume pricing

Volume Pricing at Biodermis

With over 30 years in the scar management industry, Biodermis is able to offer the most aggressive volume pricing in the industry for medical offices wishing to retail our products.

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Custom referral pads

Biodermis free marketing assistanceAn integral part of the Biodermis Referral Program is our personalized Referral Pad, designed, printed and shipped to you, free of charge. We offer two distinct styles of pads, along with a custom coupon code for your patients.

- Promotion for your clinic or practice-
- Significant savings for your patients-

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Samples, displays & literature

Free samples and POS displays from Biodermis
Whether you opt for our Referral or Retail program, Biodermis provides our attractive, space-efficient displays, plus samples and literature — free of charge.

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