How long does a tube of Xeragel last?

Typically, on a small to mid-sized scar, a tube of Xeragel silicone gel will last roughly two to three weeks.

Can I use Xeragel in conjunction with Epi-Derm?

Xeragel can be used in conjunction with Epi-Derm by alternating the products, but not applied together. Never apply any product under the Epi-Derm Gel Sheeting. For 24 hour a day usage, many patients prefer Epi-Derm gel sheets at night when they are at home or sleeping, because a single sheet will last all night. Xeragel is frequently used during the day on exposed scars (face, hands, elbows, etc.).

Is Xeragel as effective as Epi-Derm?

Yes, both products are equally effective and made from the same silicone compound.

Can Xeragel be used around the eyes or mouth?

Yes, Xeragel silicone gel may be used on scars near the eyes and mouth. However, caution should be used to keep the product from entering these areas.

Can Xeragel be used on children?

Yes, Xeragel can be used on children, under adult supervision. This silicone gel treatment is safe and non-toxic.