Notice: Due to high demand, our Pro-Sil SPF is temporarily out of stock. You can
purchase original Pro-Sil (without SPF) and apply your favorite sunscreen over it
for sun protection.

Pro-Sil Application Guide

How long does a tube of Pro-Sil last?

Typically, on a small to mid-sized scar, the tube will last roughly two to three weeks.

Can I use Pro-Sil in conjunction with Epi-Derm?

Pro-Sil can be used in conjunction with Epi-Derm by alternating the products, but not applied together. Never apply any product under the Epi-Derm gel sheeting. For 24 hour a day usage, many patients prefer Epi-Derm gel sheets at night when they are at home or sleeping, because a single sheet will last all night. Pro-Sil is frequently used during the day on exposed scars (face, hands, elbows, etc.). The Pro-Sil stick is easier to apply than an ordinary scar cream, making it even more convenient to treat exposed scars.

Is Pro-Sil as effective as Epi-Derm?

Yes, both products are equally effective.

Can Pro-Sil be used around the eyes or mouth?

Yes, Pro-Sil may be used on scars near the eyes and mouth. However, caution should be used to keep the product from entering these areas.

Can Pro-Sil be used on children?

Yes, Pro-Sil can be used on children, under adult supervision. This product is safe and non-toxic.

Why don't you offer Pro-Sil Sport with higher SPF?

Raising the SPF rating requires physically adding more SPF to the formula, thereby reducing the amount of medical-grade silicone in the product. We believe that SPF 15 provides adequate sun protection while maintaining Pro-Sil's scar reducing properties.

Does Pro-Sil help with acne scars?

Patients are reporting impressive results using Pro-Sil for acne scars. They are experiencing reduced redness, as well as a reduction in the severity of pitting, and an overall improvement in the complexion of areas affected by acne scarring.


“Great product. Unlike gel, the Pro-Sil stays in place. It substantially improves scars by at least 30-40%. I love it for face lifts, around the nipple, and blepharoplasties. Biodermis is the best company in the world for scars. I put a link to their site right on my own website.”

James B Lane

“I have been using Pro-Sil for over 10 years for post-surgical scar management. It is a perfect base for your post-op standard of care for scars."

Aaron Capuano

“We tell patients not to purchase OTC scar products because they contain lanolin and other possible allergens. Our protocol is to avoid the sun, don’t smoke, and use silicone to prevent reddening and maturation of scars.”

Elise Mecham

“Pro-Sil is the easiest thing for my patients to apply. The chapstick like application make it easy to apply all day. It fits in every bag or pocket!”

Cassandra Machac