Clinical Evidence

A selection of clinical trials establishing the effectiveness of our Medical Grade Silicone solutions for scar management:

The Efficacy of Silicone Gel for the Treatment of Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids

J Cutan Aesthet Surg. 2009 Jul-Dec; 2(2): 104–106.

  • “Only two treatments can be said to have sufficient evidence for scar management; topical application of silicone gel sheeting and the intralesional injection of corticosteroids. The former generally is indicated as both a preventive and the therapeutic device, the latter as a therapeutic agent only. Topical silicone gel sheeting is cumbersome to keep on the scar, and the patient compliance often is low for lesions in visible areas.”
  • “Topical silicone gel is safe and effective treatment for hypertrophic and keloidal scars. It is easy to apply and cosmetically acceptable.”

The Use of Silicone Adhesives for Scar Reduction

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2015 Jul 1; 4(7): 422–430

  • “… concluded that the clinical trials, which have been used to evaluate silicone gel for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scarring, demonstrate that there are improvements in scar thickness and scar color.”
  • “The clinical support of topical silicone gel products relative to all alternative scar therapies is what has preserved its position as the internationally recommended first-line form of scar management, favored by consensus among healthcare professionals. Although steroid injections offer significant positive impact on scarring, they remain a supporting treatment, in part, due to the associated expense and impracticality. Other existing treatments such as topical creams/gels and dressings containing active additives such as onion extract, vitamins C and E, and moisturizing agents are often seen to deliver little to no extra benefit than SGS itself.”


Review of Silicone Gel Sheeting and Silicone Gel for the Prevention of Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids

2017 May;29(5):154-158.

  • “There was statistical significance in the effectiveness of silicone gel and silicone gel sheeting on the prevention of keloids or hypertrophic scars, especially in skin lesion wounds.”


A Prospective Randomized Double-blind study of silicone gel plus Herbal Extracts Versus Placebo in Pre-sternal hypertrophic scar prevention and amelioration. [2020]

  • “…the study showed the silicone gel plus herbal extract gel could improve scar amelioration in height (p ¼ 0.005) and pliability (p < 0.001) when compared to the placebo.”


Randomised Control Clinical Trial of Topical Silicone Gel in Post-Lower Segment Caesarean Section Closure scar in Primigravida 

Indian Journal of Surgery volume 83pages526–530 (2021)

  • “Topical silicone gel gave superior results in reducing overall scar quality at 1 month and 3 months. Topical silicone gel was a superior product for initial management of caesarean scars.”


"Prominent scar therapy: slide-on applicator versus traditional sheets of topical polydimethylsilicone for the reduction of hypertrophic scars and keloids."

- The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery

"The Mederma Myth: Fading From Sight—New Advances to Minimize Surgical Scars."

- American Academy of Dermatology

"Silicone Gel Sheeting for the Prevention and Management of Evolving Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars"

-James E. Fulton, JR, MD, PHD

"Silicone Gel Sheeting in Scar Therapy"

-Bruce E. Katz, MD, New York, New York