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Helping Your Skin
Heal After Surgery

The choice of top Plastic Surgeons around the world
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The Epi-Derm Drying Rack

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Even Compression,
Reduced Friction

Trusted worldwide by more surgeons for the most beautiful liposuction outcomes.

Silky Soft Repair for Your Skin

One of the world's most effective hydration products for scars, stretch marks, fine lines & wrinkles.
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The Portable Solution for Scars

Patented scar management technology in a portable, easy-to-use glide-on applicator
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A Doctor's Review


"I recommend Pro-Sil to all of my patients who are concerned about their scars. It is very easy for them to use. There is essentially no drying time, it is not sticky, and unlike silicone sheeting, adherence is not an issue.

Almost all of my patients have noticed a significant difference, especially after the third month of use.

I am very impressed with the outcome achieved with this product, and so are my happy patients."

Ellen J. M.D.
Birmingham, MI

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