BIO-luminance Biodermis


Will the silicone in BIO-luminance make me break out?

In short, no. BIO-luminance is constructed of medical-grade, silicone gel sheeting, which is completely different than liquid silicone used in makeup and cosmetics. The silicone gel sheeting used in BIO-luminance is the single most effective, topical method for hydrating and oxygenating the skin.

In recent years, makeup and hair products containing silicone have come under scrutiny. Why? Silicone (dimethicone) is a very good filler and smoothing agent when suspended in liquids. It does an amazing job of filling in facial imperfections and allowing makeup to go on smoothly. Many women love the smooth look of silicone-based cosmetics, as well as their tendency to look good for longer periods of time. However, this same filling and smoothing characteristic is thought to contribute to clogged pores in a small percentage of women.

Silicone gel sheeting is not a liquid. It is a solid, and therefore cannot "flow," and cannot clog pores. In fact, the sheeting promotes heightened levels of moisture within the pores, contributing to clearer pores. The construction of the sheeting also allows oxygen to penetrate, helping to create the ideal hydration environment for your skin.