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Interesting Facts About Pregnancy |

Pregnancy is an exciting time during a woman’s life when she will experience many life changes and alterations in her physical appearance. In expectation of a new family member, the soon-to-be mother will be preparing for her newborn in a variety of ways. Part of this preparation may involve seeking advice from other mothers or taking classes that get her ready for taking care of her baby. If you are thinking of having a baby, or if you’re already pregnant, then you may want to learn as much as you can about the process of pregnancy. In this article, we will explore some interesting facts about pregnancy so that you can be well-prepared on this new chapter of your life.

The mother's heart will grow

When a baby is growing inside of you, you are now supporting life for not just one but two people. You body changes in response to sustaining new life by increasing your blood volume by up to 50% and sometimes more. This increase in blood means that your heart will begin to beat faster, grow stronger, and become larger to keep up with the new blood supply.

Your partner may experience symptoms

An interesting phenomenon occurs when we become intimately attached to a partner—our own physiology changes in response to our partner’s mood and bodily alterations. Therefore, a man may experience weight gain, nausea, and inflammation in response to his partner’s pregnancy. This is known as ‘couvade syndrome’ or ‘sympathy pregnancy.’ It’s also possible for a man to experience post-partum depression after his partner gives birth. 

Babies cry in the womb

Far from being stoic humans eagerly awaiting to enter the world, babies show a lot of activity in the womb. This includes listening to sounds, kicking, and crying. The act of crying in the womb isn’t entirely understood, but some scientists think it is a form of practice communication for when they have to use it out in the world.

Cravings can include inedible items

It’s well-known that a pregnant woman will start craving different kinds of foods during her pregnancy, such as pickles, chocolate, and ice cream. It’s a little less known that women can also crave non-food items such as soaps, flowers, paper, and just about anything else. This phenomenon is known as ‘pica.’ 

Taller women more likely to have twins

Some studies have shown that woman taller than 5 feet 5 inches are more likely to conceive twins or triplets. Scientists aren’t sure of the exact reason for this, but evidence suggests it may have to do with an insulin-like growth factor associated with hormone production, which appears to be greater in taller women.

Your feet may get bigger

Just like with many other areas of the body, a woman’s feet can grow in reaction to pregnancy. In some cases, a woman may have to go up an entire shoe size while pregnant! There are some reasons for this, including the flattening of your feet due to weight gain and inflammation due to weight gain. Your feet should return to their normal size after pregnancy.

Babies can be born with teeth

Contrary to popular belief, some babies can be born with teeth. This occurs in about 1 out of every 2,000 births. These teeth are known as ‘natal teeth’ and can be removed by a doctor to prevent choking, as these teeth can often be loose.

1 in 3 births are by C-section

A cesarean section, also knows as a C-section, is the delivery of a baby through an incision in the mother’s abdomen. C-sections are performed when a normal delivery would put the mother or the baby at health risks. Most deliveries via C-section are successful, but you will be left with a scar about 3-6 inches long. Luckily, scar treatment options are available and can be purchased online at


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