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What are the Best Vitamins to Take for Skin Health? | Biodermis.com

Good skin is viewed as a hallmark of good health, but this isn’t always the case. Even the healthiest among us can still have skin problems, from acne and eczema to dry and flaky skin. As we age, problems with our skin only seem to get worse with the onset of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots. When treatments from dermatologists and skin specialists are no longer helpful, many of us turn to home remedies to restore our skin to its natural color and vitality. Over-the-counter vitamins and minerals are some of the most sought-after substances to increase skin health and overall well-being. But what are some of the best vitamins to take if we wish to improve the look and feel of our skin?

Continue reading to learn more about how vitamins might play a vital role in helping us achieve natural, beautiful skin.

Vitamins that improve our skin
Vitamins are an important part of a healthy diet and if our bodies are deficient in certain types, we may not feel our best. But there is still a lot of speculation within the medical community as to how some vitamins play a role in our overall health. When it comes to skin health, there is even more uncertainty, so it’s important to do your research. Health food stores and marketers are quick to overrate the health benefits of vitamins, making research crucial before opening your wallet. Below are some of the Vitamins that experts believe benefit skin health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most well-known and frequently talked about vitamins because our bodies produce it naturally when in contact with sunlight. Getting a healthy amount of sunlight everyday can not only improve your mood and help your intestines absorb calcium, but it can slow down the signs of skin-related aging. People with serious cases of acne or eczema might also find that adequate sunlight can help reduce the symptoms of these conditions. It’s important to know that getting too much sunlight can cause sunburn or lead to skin cancer, so be mindful of your intake. Supplements and certain foods like fish and eggs can also supply your body with vitamin D.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supplements, creams, and serums are powerful tools to have for protecting the skin against free radicals. In layman’s terms, free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells in the body. When this happens, we can become sick and show signs of aging. Scientists aren’t completely certain how free radicals operate in the body, but knew knowledge is constantly growing. Nonetheless, many dermatologists recommend using vitamin C directly on the skin through the use of serums and creams. Capsules and chewable tablets can also be consumed to get your daily doses of vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is composed of a group of compounds called “retinoids.” Retinal, retinol, and retinoic acid are the three retinoids found in the vitamin A. There are a lot of purported benefits for using vitamin A on the skin, so it’s good to exercise a healthy amount of caution before relying on it as a cure-all. Of these benefits, vitamin A is thought to support healthy skin cell production, protect against infection, smooth wrinkles, and even clear up acne. Eggs, dairy products, and leafy vegetables are all good sources of vitamin A.

What’s the verdict?
Vitamins aren’t produced naturally by our bodies, so we need to turn to outside sources to attain them—the Sun, supplements, and food. It’s no doubt that vitamins are a necessary part of a healthy diet, so it isn’t a far stretch to say that they can help with skin-related issues. This is not to say that vitamins do everything that marketers claim they do, so it’s important to consult your doctor rather than relying on a health guru blog. Ideally, it’s best to attain vitamins through the foods that we eat and from moderate amounts of sunlight. If you need extra vitamins in your diet, you can turn to supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, and creams for the skin.

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