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How Proper Nutrition Improves Skin Health |

Health experts and nutritionists are constantly learning how eating healthy and observing proper nutrition can benefit your life in many ways. It is now understood that a well-balanced diet can increase your energy levels, help you lose weight, strengthen your immune system, and even prolong your life. When it comes to nutrition and skin health, the list of benefits continues to grow. Not only does eating healthy promote collagen synthesis in your skin (the key to radiant, smooth skin), but a good diet can also assist in wound healing and decrease the risk of scarring after surgery or injury.

Continue reading to learn more about some key nutritional staples that should be included in your diet and how they can give your skin a more radiant glow.


Every balanced diet should include protein, so it’s no surprise it made the list of nutrients beneficial for the skin. Protein is responsible for building and repairing muscle and connective tissues throughout the body. Protein is known as a building block for muscles, bone, cartilage, and skin. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it plays a significant role in skin strength and elasticity. When a person sustains a wound, collagen fibers help to repair the trauma, often resulting in a scar. When the body is lacking in protein, wound repair may become stunted, leading to excessive scarring down the road. Some good sources of protein include beef, poultry, eggs, fish, beans and nuts.

Fatty acids

A “fat” may sound like an unhealthy word, but the body needs fat for energy and to maintain the normal functioning of cells in the body. Many foods contain fats, but it’s important to look out only for healthy fats like omega-3. Omega-3s promote skin health by reducing inflammation and helping wounds form blood clots to stop bleeding. A deficiency in Omega-3s is thought to cause dry skin, which can further impede wound healing. People who suffer from acne, psoriasis or other inflammatory conditions of the skin may benefit from a daily intake of Omega 3s. Some good sources of Omega-3s include fish, vegetable oil, walnuts, flax seeds, and leafy vegetables.

Antioxidants and vitamins

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that help protect cells from becoming damaged by unstable molecules. By consuming more antioxidants, you may lower the risk of infections and improve heart health. Certain antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E can protect your skin against free radicals and slow down the signs of aging. An increase in these key vitamins also plays a vital role in reducing inflammation and promoting a quick and healthy wound-healing response. Many lotions and body washes on the market today contain derivatives of vitamins that are thought to promote antioxidant-related benefits for the skin. In addition to skincare products, many people take supplements on a daily basis to keep their antioxidant levels high. However, the best source of antioxidants comes from organic foods like fruits and vegetables.

Post-operative scar care
A hot topic within the skin care and aesthetics industry is post-operative scar care and maintenance. Even with proper nutrition, some people experience excessive and abnormal scarring due to their genetics and skin type. Many surgeons and dermatologists are now turning to silicone gel technology to lead their patients to a healthy and happy recovery after their surgery.

Silicone gel in the form of sheets, sticks, and ointments have been the gold standard for scar care for over 30 years. Because silicone is clinically-proven to work, doctors can feel confident referring their patients to trusted leaders in the industry. Silicone gel has very high patient compliance because it’s easy to use, affordable, and readily available to physicians and patients online.

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