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Why Do Men Get Plastic Surgery? | Biodermis.com

It’s a fact of life that we as humans are hardwired to favor people whom we consider attractive. More and more men are opting for plastic surgery because it is becoming more socially acceptable and men see value in improving their looks. A quick internet search will reveal that men who are deemed more attractive are often more successful in their careers than less attractive men. Attractive men are perceived as more confident, healthier, and more trustworthy. Furthermore, attractiveness in men is also associated with greater talent, kindness, and intelligence, likely because they are given more opportunities in society.  It’s clear that men are undergoing cosmetic procedures to improve their looks, but which aspects of their looks do they want to improve?

In this article, we will go over some of the most common reasons that men get plastic surgery.  

To improve the jawline

For whatever reason, society views strong and sculpted jawlines in men to be associated with dominance and power. Furthermore, men with nice jawlines are often deemed more attractive. For these reasons, more and more men are opting for cosmetic procedures that will give their jawlines a more defined look. Whether you were born with an undefined jawline, or your chin is beginning to sag with age, a jaw contouring procedure may be the right fit for you. 

To achieve a lean body

It’s well known that as men age, their bodies become less defined because of weight gain, sagging skin, and weaker muscles. When men seek cosmetic procedures to achieve a leaner body, they are often looking for ways to help their midsections and pecs look more defined. What is commonly referred to as a “dad bod” is usually marked by carrying too much weight and sporting a “beer belly.” CoolSculpting procedures and liposuction are two ways to achieve a leaner midsection. Men may also seek cosmetic surgery to correct a condition known as gynecomastia. This is defined by having pecs that take the shape of female breasts due to the localized buildup of fat tissue. Surgery to remove the excess tissue can lead to a flatter and more masculine chest.  

To appear younger

Cosmetic procedures are usually done to look more beautiful, which is also associated with looking younger. As we age, our skin begins to sag, we develop wrinkles, and we gain weight in areas that weren’t a problem for us in our younger days. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures for looking younger is Botox. Botox is a drug made from a toxin created by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. When used in small doses, it isn’t harmful to humans, though there are sometimes mild side effects associated with use. Botox works by weakening or paralyzing muscles, or by blocking the action of certain nerves. The result is a smoother and more youthful appearance, though these effects only last for about 3-12 months.

To achieve a full head of hair

According to data, roughly half of all men will begin to experience hair loss by the age of 50. As they get older, they often continue to lose hair. In 25% of cases of male baldness, men will experience their first signs of hair loss before the age of 21. Because male baldness is so common, it’s no wonder that hair restoration procedures are some of the most popular for men. One type of procedure to achieve a fuller head of hair is known as a hair transplant. This involves the surgical removal of any existing hair that you currently have and replaces them with a skin graft containing new hair follicles. If the thought of surgery on your scalp scares you, you can choose a less invasive option known as scalp micropigmentation. This procedure uses finely placed tattoos to fill in areas of the scalp that have lost hair.


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