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Things You Should Never Use On Your Skin |

It should come as no surprise that there are certain products that do not belong on the skin due to their harmful effects. But this doesn’t stop people from using such products. The internet is a big source of misinformation about skincare, and ingredients people have used for a long time are still being used for many skin related concerns. An easy way to know if a product is beneficial for the skin is to find out if there is any scientific evidence to support its use. If there is none, then it’s probably best to use only clinically-proven ingredients. In this article, we will explore the top items that should never be used on the skin.

Toothpaste for acne

Many people use toothpaste to dry out their acne, thinking that it will reduce whiteheads and blackheads. The problem is that toothpaste is meant to clean teeth, not the skin. Some of the ingredients in most toothpastes include fluoride, glycerol, sorbitol, calcium carbonate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. These ingredients can be harsh on the skin and, in some cases, can even induce irritation and burning sensations. There is also the possibility that toothpaste can cause hyperpigmentation or make blemishes worse.

Hairspray as a makeup setting agent

Some women use hairspray as a way to set their makeup firmly in place and keep it from looking flakey. Hairspray isn’t the best product to use as a setting spray because it can dry out and irritate the skin due to the alcohol content in most hairsprays. Frequent use of hairspray on the skin can also lead to acne breakouts. It’s good to know that there are makeup setting sprays designed specifically to be used on the skin, which is a much safer option than hairspray.

Lemon juice and other citrus fruits

Fruits are meant to be eaten, not used on the skin. The primary reason for this is that fruit juice can be highly acidic, which can burn and irritate the skin. Furthermore, fruits contain a photosensitizing chemical that can cause phototoxic reactions in the sun, leading to skin damage.

Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is commonly used for a number of skin-related purposes, such as cleaning out wounds, drying up oily skin, and fighting acne. Alcohol is a harsh substance that can not only damage and burn the skin, but it will remove the natural oils that contribute to the skin’s pH balance. The skin’s pH levels are meant to protect it by fighting inflammation and free radicals. Instead of using alcohol to help with oily skin, a toner or salicylic acid facewash should suffice. To clean out wounds, running water and gentle soap will do the job without burning the skin.


Parabens are chemical compounds that are widely used in skincare products to preserve them and extend their shelf-life. These chemicals are also known as xenoestrogens, which mimic the estrogen hormone in the body. However, some evidence suggests that parabens can disrupt the body’s hormone function, which leads to other toxic issues in the body related to cancer and reproduction. Luckily, most skincare products will have a “paraben-free” label so that you can make an educated consumer decision.

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