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The Importance of Skin Hydration |

The market for hydration and moisturizing products within the skin care and cosmetics industries is vast. There’s good reason for this, but it’s also important to be cautious because not all products are created equal. Some items being sold today can actually induce dry, flaky skin—the exact opposite of what its advertisers claim. Other products leave the skin feeling oily, which can clog pores and cause breakouts. Because everyone has a different skin type, it’s often a difficult task to find the perfect hydration serum or cream. But by doing your research and seeking advice from a dermatologist or other medical professional, narrowing your options can become easier.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of skin hydration and to discover a top hydration serum by a trusted expert in the field.

Skin health and hydration

We all recognize that dry skin is something to be avoided while vibrant, and hydrated skin is the something to strive for. But why is this so? For one, dry skin can often become cracked and scaly, which is uncomfortable and even painful. From a cosmetic standpoint, dry skin can appear dull and unhealthy. The challenge here becomes a double-edged sword. Consumers want a product that not only makes their skin look healthy; they want their skin to feel healthy too.

The skin is composed of three layers: subcutaneous tissue, dermis, and epidermis. The epidermis—the outermost of the three layers—is also composed of five sublayers. The stratum corneum is the top layer in this dermal system and makes up the substance of the skin’s surface. The stratum corneum is comprised mostly of dead skin cells known as "corneocytes." Throughout our lives, our skin is constantly shedding dead cells and regenerating new ones. As we age, this shedding and renewal process slows down, making our skin appear dry and worn out.

But dry skin doesn’t solely occur in elderly populations. People of all ages are prone to this condition. Some people may have an underlying disorder like eczema or psoriasis that causes skin irritation and flakiness. Environmental factors include cold weather and low humidity in the atmosphere. Behavioral influences like excessive hand washing and immoderate sanitizer usage can draw moisture out of the skin and cause dehydration. Sustaining a wound can throw the skin’s regulating functions off balance and can also lead to excessive moisture loss. Chances are, you’ve been inflicted by one of these variables at some point in your life, so we all understand the need to mitigate the effects of these skin-drying forces.

What can be done?

Our skin is designed to protect the inner organs of our body. For this reason, the skin must be elastic, durable, and able to repel harmful pathogens. In addition to this, our skin also functions to regulate the bodies’ internal temperature through transepidermal water loss and fluid regulation. Given the vital importance of the skin, it’s imperative to keep this organ fortified and hydrated to ward off harmful outside agents.

Scars, in particular, are devoid of hair follicles and sweat glands. Scar tissue doesn’t have the capacity to hydrate the skin via oil (sebum) and fluid secretions. To prevent excess moisture loss caused by trauma and scar formation, silicone gel sheeting should be worn. By fully encapsulating the scar site for long durations, the skin is able to retain moisture and scale back collagen overproduction that occurs at the wound site. This helps to hydrate the skin while flattening raised, discolored scars.

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