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The Best Scar Treatment Options for Kids |

Playgrounds, street corners, and parks play major roles in the happiness and development of children everywhere. It’s important to let your child express him or herself out in the world, but it’s also important to be prepared in case an accident happens. Bruises, scrapes, and cuts are part of most childhood experiences and if parents don’t take necessary precautions, serious injuries can result in the formation of scars. To prevent excessive scarring, it’s important to look out for clinically-proven methods that work for kids of all ages.

Continue reading to learn more about a safe and effective scar therapy solution that will work for you and your children.

Topical silicone for scar management

Silicone gel technology is currently the number one scar treatment option available for people of all ages and skin types. Medical silicone for scars is topical, meaning it is directly applied to the scar site on the surface of the skin. Silicone does not get absorbed by the skin but rather acts as a barrier to protect and hydrate the scar. Although silicone is synthetic, it is completely harmless and has no associated side effects when used topically. No added oils or chemicals are used in topical silicone ointments, sticks, and sheets, making silicone safer than other synthetic and organic compounds. Topical silicone comes in several different forms, making it a convenient option for scars on different parts of the body.

Parents want the safest and most effective treatment for their children, so it’s good to know the details about medical silicone before using it. Topical silicone is clinically-proven to work and its efficacy has been documented for more than 30 years. Doctors agree that silicone for scar therapy works through two mechanisms of action: dermal hydration and collagen regulation. When your skin experiences trauma and attains a wound, excessive moisture is lost through the cut, scrape, or burn. When this happens, specialized skin cells called fibroblasts and keratinocytes go into overdrive to produce collagen and repair the broken skin. However, when too much collagen builds up at the wound site, raised and discolored scars can result. To retain the moisture lost from the wound and normalize collagen synthesis, topical silicone can be used. 

How to use silicone for your child's scar

It’s important to note that topical silicone shouldn’t be used on a fresh wound. You must first let the wound heal so that there is no more bleeding or scabbing. Keeping the wound covered and clean is the best you can do for a speedy recovery. As soon as the wound has healed, you may begin applying silicone gel to the wound site. Silicone scar sticks, gels, and sheets are the best options when it comes to managing your child’s scar. Scars are resilient, so they aren’t going to fade overnight. The recommended treatment period to see the best results with silicone therapy is 8-12 weeks.

Compliance with scar therapy might be difficult for some children, so choosing the easiest and most convenient option can make your life a whole lot easier. Kids need an easy, fun option for scar prevention and treatment—something they will actually use. The solution: Kids Pro-Sil silicone scar stick by Biodermis. Silicone scar sticks dry quickly, are mess-free, and can be used on the go. For a more traditional scar management option that is equally fun for children, you may also like to try Epi-Derm small strips that come in pink and green camo colors. These options, as well as any other product found on the Biodermis site, can be used for old and new scars on children as well as adults.

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