Brain Surgery Scar Care |

Tyler Szelinski
Brain surgery, otherwise known as craniotomy, is a surgical procedure in which a piece of skull is removed to give the surgeon access to the brain. This surgery is done as an intervention to remove brain tumors, abnormal tissue, or blood clots in the brain. It can also be used to relieve pressure in the brain after head trauma or stroke, or to treat a variety of other brain conditions. A craniotomy isn’t the only type of brain surgery that can be performed. Other common types include a biopsy, where brain cells or a small portion of tissue is removed, deep brain stimulation (DBS), where a small medical device is implanted in the brain, and a neuroendoscopy, where a small light and camera is used to access the brain and remove tissue. With modern advances in medicine, not all brain surgeries will require an incision; but for the ones that do, there is a risk of scarring. Luckily, many scar care options are available to patients online or through your physician.

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