The Best Scar Treatment After Hand Surgery |

Tyler Szelinski
Our hands go through a lot of wear and tear during our lives, so it’s no wonder that at some point they break down and require maintenance. Each hand is composed of 27 small bones that comprise the wrist, phalanges, and metacarpal bones. Trauma, overuse and repetitive motions can all cause damage to the hands. In some cases, depending on the severity of the problem, hand surgery might be necessary. Hand surgeons are specialists that can be found within the orthopedic, plastic, and general surgery fields. One aspect of hand surgery that often gets overlooked is the scarring that occurs as a result. Because post-operative scarring of the hands is usually quite noticeable, many people may seek solutions to treat and reduce their scars. Luckily, clinically-proven products are available and easily obtainable online or through your physician.

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