Acne Scar Treatment: Medical Silicone |

Tyler Szelinski
For many of us, our teenage days are emotionally and physically some of the most troubling years of our lives. From junior high through high school, we are constantly pressured by our peers to look and act in such a way as to “fit in.” For some, this is no easy task. And one of the greatest obstacles to fitting in and having self-confidence during our days as troubled youths is acne. We have all experienced acne at some point in our lives. But for some, it’s a discouraging reality. Severe acne can leave significant scarring on the face, back, shoulders, and chest; these scars become pesky reminders of the teenage struggles we would like to forget. Luckily, there are clinically-proven solutions that can prevent acne scarring before it ever becomes such a reminder.

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