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Skincare Tips for Babies |

Skincare for babies is a different challenge compared to skincare for adults because they depend on parents and other caregivers to keep their skin healthy. Babies have sensitive skin, so it’s important to use only products meant for infants and take measures to protect them from harmful environmental factors. Sometimes, your baby will let you know by crying when their skin is bothering them. Other times, it won’t be so obvious, and if you are uninformed about matters of the skin, you will not understand why your baby is in distress. In this article, we will explore the importance of skincare for babies so that you can ensure your child is happy and healthy.     

Bath time 

It should come as no surprise that babies must be bathed regularly to clean their skin of oil, dirt, and bacteria. However, because an infant’s skin is so sensitive, it’s important not to use water that is too hot. An ideal bath time for your baby is about 5-10 minutes. Avoid allowing him or her to play in the soapy water for too long, as this can cause irritation. Refrain from using soaps with fragrances and use only water to clean the eyes, face, and ears. If your baby is still connected to the umbilical cord, you can give her a sponge bath.

Sun exposure 

Babies are sensitive to direct exposure to sunlight, even in the wintertime. The FDA does not recommend applying sunscreen to a baby fewer than six months of age. Instead, you should cover your baby’s skin with clothing, keep him in the shade, use a hat that covers the neck and ears, and avoid the strongest sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you are spending more time outside with your baby than usual, make she he or she is adequately hydrated with breastmilk or formula.

Cradle cap 

Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as cradle cap, is a common skin condition that affects the scalp of babies. You may notice your baby start to develop crusty white and yellow patches on the surface of his or her head. Don’t be alarmed, it is harmless and usually clears up on its own if a few weeks or months. Cradle cap is caused by excessive oil buildup produced by skin glands around the hair follicles of the scalp. You can use a mild or medicated shampoo to assist in clearing up the condition.

Contact dermatitis 

Contact dermatitis is a general term for an allergic reaction on the skin caused by an outside irritant. The list of possible irritants is indeterminate, but here are some common ones to look out for: saliva, urine, soaps/detergents, fragrances, cosmetics, latex, and some metals. If it isn’t clear what caused the irritation, and it doesn’t go away on its own, it’s a good idea to reach out to your pediatrician. You can take measures to avoid contact dermatitis by putting loose clothing on your baby, using unscented soaps and lotions, bathing him or her every day, and cleaning your baby’s toys.

Nail growth 

Although baby’s have small, thin finger and toenails, they can still become sharp enough to scratch the skin. You can use a non-metallic nail file to keep their nails smooth, or you may need to shorten them using a clipper for infants. It’s best practice to trim your baby’s nails when he or she is sleeping or very relaxed to avoid sudden movements and mishaps. Part of nail maintenance for your baby may also involve cleaning around and under the nails.  


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