The Perfect Scar Care Regimen (Epi-Derm, Pro-Sil, & Episof)

The Perfect Scar Care Regimen (Epi-Derm, Pro-Sil, & Episof)

When it comes to a scar care regimen, you may be wondering which product is best to use. Biodermis takes pride in the fact that our products are 100% medical-grade silicone. Despite the commonality of this core premium ingredient across products, some products are more ideal in certain circumstances over others. This article will help you to determine which products to use on your scar.  

Epi-Derm silicone gel sheeting comes in various configurations from post-breast surgery shapes, to C-section strips, to Large Sheets (11 x 15.75 in). We also have Epi-Derm sheeting in smaller configurations from Standard Sheets (4.7 x 5.7in), to Small Strips, to the smallest configuration which is our EPITAB (.75 x .75in). Our sheeting is wonderful because it can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, making it the optimal product for covering up a scar for long stretches including during sleep/nighttime.  

Our Pro-Sil (patented and unique on-the-go silicone stick) and Episof (silky silicone in a counter-friendly pump) is most typically used on exposed areas and can be reapplied throughout the day/night to ensure consistent coverage. We recommend reapplying at least three to five times during the day, but because Pro-Sil and Episof dry quickly they can be applied to clean skin as many times as you would like. [Fun fact: Episof works extremely well as a primer for makeup and is good for your skin.  Go ahead and try it on your face post-scar care!]

So, which product would be best for you? If your scar is covered by clothing during the day, Epi-Derm sheeting would be the best fit for daytime and nighttime use. After 12 hours the sheeting will need to be washed with water and non- fragranced, low-foaming soap such as Silqueclenz to keep the adhesive quality intact, making it last the full 2–3-week lifespan. For drying, the sheeting can be dried sticky side up, or sticky side down on a clean countertop/mirror and peeled off when ready to be applied onto clean skin. Biodermis' sheeting can be cut to fit the shape of your scar as well as taped down with our Epi-Tape to hold the sheeting in place. Epi-Tape is best for holding sheeting down in tricky places on the body such as a knee surgery scar, or an ankle surgery scar.  

If your scar is not covered by clothing during the daytime, Pro-Sil and/or Episof is recommended for daytime use and Epi-Derm sheeting for overnight use. Our products are recommended to be used for 8-12 weeks to see the best results and it is suggested to continue to use our products after the 12-week duration if the results are still being seen. Our 100% medical-grade silicone is beneficial for scar care treatment on new (healed) scars but also serves as scar therapy for old scars that you may have never thought would fade away.   

If you have any questions on scar care assistance or which product would be best for you, please feel free to contact us at 702.260.4466. If you have any concerns such as when to start using silicone scar sheets, we always recommend consulting your doctor to have them look at your scar and make sure the wound is fully healed prior to silicone use. We look forward to helping you with your scar care needs and new scar care regimen!  


~ Article contributed by Riona Scafa