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Scar Treatment for Mohs Surgery Patients |

Mohs surgery is a modern surgery technique for the precise removal and treatment of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is a safe and effective method for removing the most common types of skin cancer including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Compared to older, standard surgeries (local excisions) that involve the removal of cancerous tissue in addition to a surrounding portion of healthy skin, Mohs surgery is more precise and less invasive. Depending on how deep your skin cancer runs, Mohs surgery may require the removal of several layers of skin until the cancer is fully excised. For some patients, this can result in the formation of hypertrophic or keloid scars. Luckily, with proper wound maintenance and the help of silicone gel products, you can significantly reduce scarring after your Mohs surgery.

Continue reading to learn more about Mohs surgery and to discover a safe and effective scar management solution that works for all skin types.

More about Mohs surgery
The name Mohs comes from Dr. Frederic Mohs who founded the technique during the first half of the 20th century. At first, the practice began in a small one-room clinic in the dermatology department of the Wisconsin General Hospital. Today, most dermatologists can perform Mohs surgery because the procedure is part of their training during medical school. Some surgeons are more specialized in the technique than others, so it’s important to ask your physician about their experience.

Mohs surgery requires a multi-step process of extracting thin layers of cancerous skin tissue with a scalpel and examining them under a microscope. Layers are progressively removed under local anesthesia until no more cancer can be detected. With Mohs techniques, even difficult areas around the eyes, mouth, ears, and genitals can be treated. Mohs surgery is particularly effective for aggressive forms of cancer that has a high chance of reoccurring. Apart from being precise and efficient, another attractive feature of this procedure is that it conserves more healthy skin than its predecessors.

The length of a Mohs surgery can vary depending on how many layers of skin have to be removed and examined. The part of the procedure that takes the longest is the examination stage. The surgeon will have to take samples to the lab until no more cancer shows up under the microscope. The good part of this, however, is that you find out your results right away. But bring something to keep yourself occupied because you can’t leave the surgery room until the cancer has been completely removed!

Post-operative care and scar management
Depending on the extent of the procedure, your surgeon may use stitches or skin graft to help the wound heal. In many cases, however, the wound won’t be too extensive and may heal on its own. As with any wound, it’s important to observe proper wound care and management to ensure a speedy recovery with minimal scarring. Keeping your wound clean, covered and protected is a good way to facilitate a healthy wound repair response by reducing the risk of infection or damage from the environment. Wounds also benefit from adequate hydration, so drink plenty of water and apply an anti-bacterial ointment if you have one available.

Once the wound has healed and there is no more bleeding or scabbing, you may begin turning your attention to managing your scar. Silicone gel technology is the only clinically-proven topical solution for the treatment and reduction of keloids and hypertrophic scars. Silicone gel in the form of sheeting, ointments, and sticks have been around for decades and are considered by physicians the gold standard for scar therapy.

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