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Probiotics are living microorganisms that inhabit our bodies and play a vital role in digestion and overall well-being. Probiotics also help the good bacteria that can be found in abundance on the surface of the skin. The bacteria on the skin, referred to as skin flora, protect us from invading pathogens and help keep our skin pH levels in balance. In recent years, probiotics have become a popular item for consumption through certain foods and dietary supplements. The skin care market has even seen an influx of moisturizers, lotions, and serums that contain probiotics. While probiotics are gaining traction in the skin care market, it remains to be seen if they are truly beneficial for your skin or if it’s just a new trend.

Continue reading to learn more about probiotics and how they affect our skin.

Probiotics role in skin health

Some experts believe that probiotics work the same way in our digestive tract as they do on the surface of our skin—they help maintain a state of homeostasis. What this means in skin care terms is a complexion that is not too dry or too oily and a surface level environment that protects the skin against inflammation. This is particularly beneficial for people who suffer chronically from inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Good bacteria, which are beneficial to our skin, and bad bacteria, which cause inflammation and infection on our skin, must compete to survive. If bad microorganisms are given the chance to flourish on the skin’s surface, unwanted skin conditions will result.

Good bacteria that live on the skin create natural antibodies called antimicrobial peptides that neutralize and kill off bad bacteria. It is estimated that there are over 100 antimicrobial peptides in the skin. By including probiotics into your skincare regimen, you can help your skin maintain a healthy level of peptide activity to reduce inflammation and infection. It is also believed that probiotics can boost the skin’s natural defense mechanisms to deal with external environmental factors such as sun (UV radiation), pollution, and free radicals. Good bacteria can be thought of as making up a microbiome on the surface of our bodies that work in conjunction to keep our skin healthy and well-protected.

Probiotics are safe for all skin types and can be used in conjunction with other products already in your skin care regimen. People who deal with chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin may find probiotics to be soothing and calming for breakouts and flare-ups. When it comes to choosing a probiotic for skin care, make sure you find one that doesn’t contain any questionable ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. If you are unsure of which probiotics to use, consult your doctor or dermatologist to get an expert opinion.

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