Laser Tattoo Removal Recovery

Laser Tattoo Removal Recovery

After getting a tattoo removed you may be wondering what can help with the scarring or hyperpigmentation that you are left with. If you have never had laser tattoo removal done, you may be wondering what the process entails.

According to The Tattoo Removal Institute, laser tattoo removal consists of a process that is done throughout the course of multiple sessions.  Specifically, “During the laser tattoo removal session, the laser light penetrates heat into the skin, causing the tattoo ink pigments to burst and shatter. As this happens, the ink particles release bubbles of carbon dioxide, which rise to the top layer of the skin” (

Because the process inflicts trauma onto the skin the patient is usually left with light to heavy scarring and/or hyperpigmentation around the tattoo removal scar. Biodermis has a variety of products that can fit the placement of a scar and target the exact area of any post laser tattoo removal scar. It is always advised to contact your doctor before using any of our products, as the wounds should be fully healed before silicone is used.

For those who are ready to use our products, the first and most important step is to place the product onto clean, dry skin. The more hours throughout the day that the silicone is worn, the faster the results will be. 

Biodermis' Epi-Derm sheeting can be left on for twelve hours at a time, making this product ideal for consistent coverage throughout the day/night. After the twelve hour period (or earlier) the sheeting must be washed with water and an unscented non-foaming soap such as Silqueclenz, and then can be re-applied once dry. The sheeting varies in sizes and shapes and can be cut to fit the size of your scar.

Pro-Sil and Episof are great on-the-go silicone products that can be re-applied throughout the day. They are great for exposed areas of the skin if you do not wish to have sheeting visible.  Pro-Sil and Episof are also beneficial for those whose post-laser tattoo scar is on the knee, elbow, or any part of the body that bends and moves throughout the day. However, if Epi-Derm sheeting is preferred on the bending parts of the body, Biodermis has a product called Epi-Net which is a tubular elastic stretch net that will hold the silicone sheeting in place. The Epi-Net comes in thirteen different sizes ranging from an Epi-Net that holds sheeting onto the finger to an Epi-Net that holds the sheeting onto the abdomen. 

If you have any questions on scar care assistance or which product would be best for you, please feel free to contact us at 702.260.4466. We look forward to helping you with your scar care needs and new scar care regimen!

~ Article contributed by, Riona Scafa



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