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Is There Anything You Can Do About Old Scars? |

Every scar tells a story. For some, a scar is a beautiful mark of victory that reminds them of a past struggle that they were able to overcome. For others, a scar represents an accident or mistake that would be better off forgotten. Maybe you weren’t too concerned with your scar during your younger years, but as time went on and aspects of your life changed, your scar remained the same. Many people wonder if there is anything that they can do about scars that are years or even decades old. While treatment often works best for scars that are still in their infancy, old scars can still be treated with much success.

Continue reading to learn more about scar formation and discover a clinically-proven method that works for the treatment of old and new scars alike.

Wound healing and scarring
Scars are the result of a dynamic and complex wound healing process that follows several distinct stages. These stages are: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and maturation (or remodeling). While the wound healing process is complex, every wound follows the same healing stages which makes it predictable and allows us to treat it accordingly. Hemostasis is the first stage that acts as a mechanism of first response to injury. During this stage, blood vessels in the trauma area constrict to slow blood loss in a process known as vasoconstriction. Platelets are then released at the wound site to coagulate and form a blood clot. Inflammation is the second stage that is characterized by redness, swelling, pain, and a burning sensation. This helps to stave off infection. Proliferation is the third stage marked by the formation of new connective tissue and blood vessels that replace damaged tissue after trauma. The final stage, maturation, is marked by collagen production and the formation of a scar.

The reality is, once a scar forms, there is no way to entirely remove it. Any product or procedure that says it will completely heal your scar should be purchased with caution. Luckily, many scars will fade over time. You may notice that the scar you attained many years ago is nothing but a thin white line now. But other cases can be more severe. Many people have the genetics and skin type that predisposes them to keloids and hypertrophic scars—abnormal scar types. These scars are marked by their raised, bumpy, and discolored appearance and can be very difficult to treat. Surgery can be performed to minimize their appearance, but this often comes at a hefty price and isn’t always guaranteed. People want to know what they can do right now, at home, to reduce and fade their unpleasant scars.

Silicone gel for scars
When it comes to older scars, the reason they don't change much over the years may be because they haven’t been exposed to the right healing conditions. Silicone gel allows the user to control the moisture and oxygen levels at the scar bed, creating ideal conditions (homeostasis) for healing. When the scar tissue is fully encapsulated by the silicone, much needed moisture is locked in at the healing site. This triggers specialized skin cells to reduce collagen production, flattening scars and improving their color.

As the gold standard in scar therapy, medical silicone gel is clinically proven and has been used for the past 30 years for the prevention and management of post-surgical scars. Silicone gel sheeting is ideal for specific procedure types like C-sections or breast augmentations while silicone scar sticks are ideal for scars on the face, hands, or highly mobile part of the body. Ask your physician if topical silicone is right for you or order online at today.

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