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How to Get Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness |

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that means you have the opportunity to support women and families affected by breast cancer. Perhaps you yourself are affected by breast cancer or you know someone close to you who is. Perhaps you don’t know anyone with breast cancer but you would still like to be an advocate. Whatever the scenario, there are plenty of ways for you to show support and get involved with your local community during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Wear pink – You’ve probably noticed by now that pink (represented by a pink ribbon) is the color that signifies breast cancer awareness. Football and baseball players, for instance, will commonly wear and use pink equipment during the month of October to show their support. Get creative with it—wear pink bracelets, hats, or shoes to show your support, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  

Volunteer – There are plenty of ways to volunteer your time to non-profits and other organizations that promote and support breast cancer awareness. The American Cancer Society (AMC) is one such organization that advocates extensively for women battling breast cancer. You can find out how to get involved by joining a local chapter or visiting the organization’s website.

Be there for your loved ones – If you know a friend or family member battling breast cancer, lend you emotional and physical support by being there for them. Making food deliveries, running errands, or simply sending a card can do a lot to make that person feel loved and cared for in their time of need.

Share facts and statistics – There are plenty of facts and statistics about breast cancer that many people aren’t aware of, and simply sharing them on social media or with your friends and family can help them become more educated on the topic. Here are some facts and statistics that you can share:

  • The type of cancer associated with breast cancer is classified as malignant, meaning it can spread to other areas of the body and cause harm. ‘
  • 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in her life.
  • In 2021, an estimated 281,000 new cases of malignant breast cancer will be diagnosed in women. About 43,000 of these women will pass away.
  • Men can get breast cancer too, although it is much rarer.
  • One average, there will be a new diagnosis of breast cancer every two minutes in the United States.

Join a fun run or walk – People run or walk marathons for all different causes, and breast cancer awareness is one of the largest. The largest and most successful fundraising and advocacy organization in the United States for breast cancer is the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This organization promotes the Komen Race for the Cure run, which allows you to participate in 5k runs or walks in different parts of the country. All of the proceeds generated by these runs go to breast cancer research and programs.  


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