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Cosmetic Surgery: How to Treat Scars after an Arm Lift |

An arm lift, known clinically as brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at reducing excess skin and fat from the underside of one or both arms. Excess fat under the arms is often the result of physical changes in the body caused by weight gain, weight loss, or old age. The area from the armpit to the elbow is at high risk for localized deposits of fat and sagging skin which can be difficult to correct with exercise and dieting alone. Arm lifts are not meant to replace healthy dieting and exercise but they can help you get rid of problem areas. Post-operative scarring after such a procedure may worry some patients. However, with proper care and the right products, you can reduce scarring after your arm lift.

Continue reading to learn more about arm lifts and to discover a clinically-proven way to reduce scarring after your procedure.

Why do people undergo arm lifts?
Arm lifts are surgical procedures that require your surgeon to make incisions along the undersides of your arms. Depending on how much excess skin will be removed, the size of the incision can vary. In some cases, these incisions can be six inches in length or greater spanning the distance from your armpit to your elbow. The patient will likely be placed under general anesthesia during the surgery, rendering him or her unconscious for the duration of the operation. If your procedure requires the removal of fat tissue, your surgeon may employ liposuction techniques to suction fat from the designated area. Once the modifications have been made, your surgeon will tighten the underlying skin and close the incision site with stitches.

Post-operative scar treatment
Patients are generally satisfied with the results of their arm lift and the changes are often long-lasting. It’s important to be aware that some sagging may return as you get older. To maintain the best post-operative results, patients should observe healthy dieting and exercise. Practicing healthy life choices is the key to staying healthy after any major surgical procedure. However, when it comes to treating your scars, there may be extra steps you need to take.

Scar management starts with proper wound care—things like keeping your wound clean and protected. But once your wound has fully healed after an arm lift, you will be left with sizeable scars. What many people don’t know is that scarring is still part of the wound healing stage, a stage that can last for several years after the initial wound. Therefore, it’s best to start treating your scar early on when it’s still in its infancy. The best doctor-recommended and clinically-proven treatment for scars is medical-grade silicone gel.

Topical silicone gel in the form of sheets and sticks have been around for many years as the gold standard in scar treatment. Medical silicone helps to reduce the size and discoloration of scars after surgery or injury. When it comes to large scars that result from an arm lift, there are silicone strips that are perfectly designed to fit any length scar. Silicone sticks, on the other hand, provide an easy and convenient way to treat your scar on the go. These products and many others are affordable and can be purchased through your physician or online.

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