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Body Positivity and Your Scars |

Body positivity is often associated with a person’s physical weight or size but it can go far beyond that. The way our bodies appear and feel can affect the way we view ourselves, which in turn affects our mental health. One aspect of body positivity is accepting and being comfortable with the features we were born with. Then, as our bodies undergo physical transitions later in life, we must learn to accept these new changes. Some of the more obvious changes have to do with our skin—scars, acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. By practicing a bit of body positivity, we can become more comfortable within ourselves and our skin.

What is body positivity?

Body positivity is a social movement that encourages people to be comfortable in their own bodies while also challenging what society considers to be an acceptable body image. Many people come to understand beauty by what they see in the media. Movies, TV shows, and social media portray men and women in a certain way, and that is how beauty is defined. When a person accepts these standards as reality, they will compare themselves to those standards. If they don’t match up, the person may develop a poor sense of self and their confidence will be negatively impacted. The body positivity movement differs from the fat acceptance movement because it encompasses all body types, not just those that are considered obese or overweight.  

A primary goal of the body positivity movement is to improve the psychological well-being of people who are negatively impacted by how they view their own bodies. A negative view of self occurs when someone determines their self-worth by how they physically appear. This view of self can lead to things like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and even suicidal ideation. By practicing self-acceptance and self-love, people can develop a more compassionate attitude towards themselves. While the body positivity movement focuses largely on women, it should be noted that men are also vulnerable to feelings of inadequacy about their bodies.  

Body positivity and skin health

Our skin is often a reflection of youth, good hygiene, and how well we take care of our bodies. Because the skin is one of the first things we notice about others, it can be a source of anxiety if it doesn’t look its best. For some, scars can be a constant reminder of a past struggle we would like to forget. This is especially true in the case of self-harm scars or C-section scars. One way we can view scars is that they represent life challenges we were able to overcome. Scars literally are the result of the body healing itself. By practicing body positivity, we can put ourselves on an even greater healing journey that encompasses our self-esteem and the way we view ourselves.

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