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Achieving Your Best Microblading Results with Silicone |

Microblading is a beauty-enhancement technique and trend that has recently gained much popularity in the United States and around the world. Microblading is similar to tattooing in that a trained professional uses fine needles to permanently change the pigment of the skin. This procedure is primarily used on the eyebrows to enhance their look and reshape their appearance. Because microblading involves puncturing the dermis, the skin underneath the eyebrows will undergo a healing process after the procedure. Patients want the best results from their microblading experience and proper healing is an integral aspect. Certain silicone-based products have proven to work for many patients. Finding the right silicone product that stimulates healing can help you look and feel your best after your microblading journey.

Continue reading to learn more about microblading and how topical silicone can help you achieve your best results.

What you should know about microblading

Microblading is considered a semi-permanent tattooing procedure that uses small needles to implant ink particles into the dermis (middle) layer of the skin. Microblading requires a very small amount of ink to be administered into the dermis. A trained professional will make small strokes in shapes that resemble small hairs. This is done to create a beautiful, natural look. Because Microblading is used to make eyebrows appear darker and fuller, the best candidates are people with thin, light eyebrows. People who suffer from alopecia, a condition marked by sudden hair loss, may find microblading a particularly beneficial and life-changing procedure.

Creating small incisions to change the pigment of the skin with ink has been documented by many cultures and may go back thousands of years. In ancient times, a procedure like this that punctured the skin could have caused serious infection from lack of medical and scientific understanding. But today, microblading is a relatively safe procedure if performed by a trained professional. The needles used in microblading puncture the dermis and administer ink, initiating a wound-healing response in the skin. People prone to keloids and hypertrophic scarring may experience unpleasant side-effects after microblading, so it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional prior to undergoing the procedure.

How silicone help microblade patients

Topical silicone gel for scar therapy has been the gold standard for managing abnormal scar types for over 30 years. Patients who have recently had an invasive surgery of any kind often inquire about how their scar will look post-op. For those patients who are prone to excessive scarring, silicone gel is often their first line of defense. The same is true for microblade patients. A recent surge in interest in topical silicone has been seen in the medical spa industry. Microblading professionals have reported that using Dermasof, an advanced silicone hydration serum, facilitates the healing response in their patients. Patients also enjoy the cool, soothing sensation that Dermasof provides after their microblading experience.

That silicone helps microblade patients heal quickly is no surprise when you look at how silicone hydrates the skin and acts as a protective, semi-permeable barrier. When the skin undergoes trauma from injury or an invasive procedure, excessive moisture is lost at the wound site. This stimulates specialized skin cells to work overtime to rebuild the damaged skin with collagen and other extracellular materials. But if left unchecked, collagen can buildup and create unsightly and painful scars classified as keloids or hypertrophic scars. This is where silicone comes in—to induce dermal hydration and normalize collagen synthesis. Any silicone-based product by Biodermis can aid in scar management. But for a unique experience within the realm of microblading, Dermasof is the new prized treatment chosen by aestheticians and beauticians.

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