Everything you need for 8-12 weeks of C-section (cesarean) scar care
  • 5 Epi-Derm C-strips
  • 2 Bottles of Silque Clenz
  • 1 Roll of Epi-Tape
Don’t let the worry of C-section scars take away from enjoying your new baby. The Cesarean scar treatment kit contains a 5 pack of C-Strips for C-section scar treatment, 2 bottles of Silque Clenz and 1 roll of Epi-Tape. It’s everything you need for comfortable recovery and beautifully healed skin.
Fabric backed silicone strips designed for C-section (cesarean) and hysterectomy scars. With Epi-Derm Natural silicone gel sheeting for scars in the C-strip configuration, you can heal your surgical scars beautifully, and enjoy your bikini again. Available in Natural (fabric backed) or Clear Gel.

* Epi-Derm Clear uses a pink liner for easy visibility prior to application.
SKU:EDGTNT-5106, SLC-497, EPT-97
Epi-Derm C-Strip Package

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