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Silky, soft, fast-drying. Most versatile silicone serum on the market. Scars, stretch marks, fine lines & wrinkles.
Dermasof Silk is a revolutionary medical-grade silicone skin repair serum that achieves unmatched coverage for any size area, but with a silky soft texture that leaves no oily residue. This thick, rich proprietary formulation is an ideal choice for post-op scar treatment and because it dries to the touch, there is no concern about application near clothing.
Dermasof silk is a 100% medical-grade silicone that creates a moisture and oxygen-rich environment which accelerates and amplifies your skin’s natural repair response.

The same qualities that make Dermasof Silk ideal for scar management also make it one of the world's most effective hydration products. Dermasof Silk diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin from the daily effects of moisture robbing dehydration.
Dermasof Silk 30 ml Pump
3995 7995

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