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Biodermis has been a pioneer in the silicone scar care and skin repair for over 25 years. Why? Our products work, and that is why physicians across the Unites States and around the world recommend Biodermis to more patients than any other silicone scar care brand.


DOG BITE SCAR: This little boy's scar saw dramatic improvement in a very short time with Pro-Sil.




ACNE SCARS: This young lady experienced dramatic and rapid improvement of both the redness and depth of her acne scars.





OLD OR NEW SCARS: This patient had cyst removed, and over a period of just a few weeks she saw a very dramatic improvement in both the texture and redness of the scar site.




STRETCH MARKS: This young man experienced a serious case of stretch marks, resulting from rapid weight gain. Using DermaSof , he has experienced a noticeable improvement in the redness and texture of these deep stretch marks over just a few weeks.




The original, 100% Silicone Ointment: This girl had a deep scar on her back that was several years old, and over a period of just a few weeks she saw a noticeable improvement in both the texture and redness of the scar site.



Silicone is the only clinically proven topical method of scar treatment

For over 25 years, Biodermis has pioneered new developments in the silicone scar management industry. Biodermis silicone gel sheets, gels and ointments for scars represent the industry standard for medical professionals focused on prevention and management of hypertrophic and keloid scars. Simply put, Biodermis scar sheets and silicone gels are the best and only clinically proven topical treatment method for improving the appearance of scars.

Every surgical incision, cut, scrape or burn may render a scar. Scars can lead to an array of functional, cosmetic and psychological consequences. The characteristics of the scar depend on size, location, suturing technique, and method of wound treatment. Other factors include individual age, race, and genetic predisposition to scarring.

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New, breakthrough scar treatments and scar improvement products are always on the horizon. Through continued investigation into the causes and origins of scarring, Biodermis continues its investment into, and development of an innovative, and expansive array of silicone treatment products for scars.

Innovation, and proven results. That's Biodermis—the Science of Skin.