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Additional images:

EPN-2500 Finger / Toe Pediatric [.2] [$7.25]
EPN-2500.5 Finger/Toe Pediatric [.5] [$7.25]
EPN-2501 Finger/Toe [$7.25]
EPN-2502 Fingers/Wrist [Medium] [$7.25]
EPN-2503 Knee/Ft/Elb/Hand [Small] [$7.25]
EPN-2504 Knee/Ft/Elb/Hand [Large] [$7.25]
EPN-2505 Calf/Thigh [Small] [$7.75]
EPN-2505.5 Thigh/Shoulder/Pediatric Head [$7.75]
EPN-2506 Adult Head, Chest, Abdomen, Axilla [$8.25]
EPN-2507 Chest, Abdomen, Axilla [Small] [$9.35]
EPN-2508 Chest, Abdomen, Axilla [Medium] [$9.35]
EPN-2509 Chest, Abdomen, Axilla [Large] [$10.35]
EPN-2510 Chest, Abdomen, Axilla [Ex Large] [$10.85]

Description Details
Epi-Net from Biodermis is a tubular elastic stretch net designed to serve as a secondary dressing for difficult locations such as elbows and fingers. Epi-Net applies gentle pressure to keep Epi-Derm securely in place without adhesive tape.

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