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Two ways to handle post-op scar care

We are here to support physicians, staff members and patients in every way possible, and we want to encourage you to consider Biodermis your number one resource in scar management! Historically, Biodermis has been dedicated to helping physicians reduce litigation costs by providing quality educational and informational materials for patients, helping them to better understand scarring and how to manage it.

In response to growing concerns among the physicians we serve regarding patient compliance during scar management, Biodermis has further refined our support system into two distinct programs. First, we offer retail pricing tiers for physicians who wish to resell our products to their patients. For physicians who elect to refer their patients to Biodermis, we have created our Scar Management Concierge Program, a personalized care experience from the experts in scar management.

Simply call 800.322.3729 or use the Contact Us form on the right side of the page to reach your representative.


Through our retail program, your staff will work with an assigned Biodermis sales representative to purchase scar management products at retail price tiers, allowing you to resell to your patients through your own retail system.

Your Biodermis representative will:
  • Supply product literature for display and distribution
  • Supply product samples for patient demonstration
  • Supply optional point-of-purchase counter-top displays
  • Supply optional informational posters
  • Work closely with your office staff to maintain the optimal supply of selected Biodermis products

For customers who prefer to stock and resell Biodermis products, we provide the following under our retail program:

1. Biodermis company literature
2. Biodermis product literature
3. Scar care literature
4. Pricing guides
5. Product samples
6. Point of purchase displays*
7. Informational posters*

* Dependent upon volume and availability of materials

Simply call 800.322.3729 or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page to reach your representative. We will ship your retail kit today, and FREE of charge!


Through our SMC Referral Program, physicians and institutions are able to refer patients to the industry’s top scar management team. This program provides physicians, and staff members with a carefully designed solution for your patients' post-op scar care. Our informative, attractive program kits helps your patients understand they not being handed off, but transitioned to the next stage of recovery.

Each SMC kit comes complete with support literature, a Scar Management Concierge membership card, and a business card for your area representative. Patients will receive personal support from your representative for the full 8-12 weeks of post-operative scar care.

A Biodermis Scar Management Concierge will:
  • Provide your office with scar management concierge literature for distribution to your scar management candidates
  • Provide patients with product selection guidance
  • Ensure your patients receive the best pricing & discounts available
  • Provide follow-up throughout 8-12 week treatment period
  • Help your patients adhere to proper scar treatment regimens to ensure optimal healing results
  • Work closely with your office staff to maintain your supply Scar Management Concierge kits

Physicians and professionals who elect to refer patients via our Scar Management Concierge Program are provided with:

1. SMC Booklets, complete with:
  • SMC literature
  • SMC member card
  • Business card for their personal concierge
2. Scar Care Guidelines Flyer

3. Biodermis product literature

Simply call 800.322.3729 or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page to reach your representative. We will ship your Scar Management Concierge kits today, FREE of charge!